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Are you new to this online chat world? And not getting these Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations? Then this article will help you to learn different short chat texts or messages that your friends & family are using frequently while chatting with you on Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram or anywhere.

There are many instant messaging applications, but Whatsapp is the most popular and widely used. Now while texting or chatting with your friends, you might have observed your friend is tying very fast compared to you. And the reason behind that is they are using these Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations to write fast on any messaging app.

Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations With Meaning
Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations With Meaning

Most Used Text abbreviations, Text acronyms, Text shortcuts While Chatting or Texting on Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram

The list is very huge, but here are the most commonly used text abbreviations that are going to change your chatting experience for sure. You will love to use them frequently while texting your friends on any instant messaging applications like Whatsapp or telegram. And everyone is using them, it is very cool to talk on that language online.

ROFLRolling on the floor laughing
LOLLaughing out loud
STFUShut the *freak* up
FOMOFear of Missing Out
LMKLet me know
TTYLTalk to you later
ILYI love you
YOLOYou only live once
BRBBe right back
OMGoh my god
SMHShaking my head
LMFAOLaughing my freaking *a* off
NVMNever mind
IKRI know, right
BSFBut seriously, folks
OFC Of course
LMAOLaughing my *a* off
BFFBest friends forever

More Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations With Meaning For Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram

AAMOF meaning As a matter of fact

AFAIK meaning As far as I know

AFK meaning Away from the keyboard

BC (B/C) meaning Because

BFF meaning Best friends forever

BRB meaning Be right back

BTT meaning Back to the topic

BTW meaning By the way

CYA meaning See you (or cover your a**)

DIY meaning Do it yourself

D meaning laughing emoji

EOD meaning End of discussion

FWIW meaning For what it's worth

FYEO (4YEO) meaning For your eyes only

GR8 meaning Great

HAHA meaning this one goes without saying

IDK meaning I don't know

IMO/IMHO meaning In my (honest/humble) opinion

IRL meaning In real life

JK meaning Just kidding

L8R meaning Later

LOLZ meaning more than one laugh

LQTM meaning laughing quietly to myself

LSMH meaning laughing & shaking my head

LMHO meaning laughing my head off

NOOB (n00b) meaning Newbie/newcomer

NOYB meaning None of your business

NP meaning No problem

OMG meaning Oh my god

OT meaning Off-topic

OTOH meaning On the other hand

RTM/RTFM meaning Read the (effing) manual

TIA meaning Thanks in advance

TMI meaning Too much information

WTF meaning What the f***

DL meaning Down low

ATM meaning At the moment

TY meaning Thank you

Final Words (Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations With Meaning)

We will be updating this list of best Texting and Online Chat Abbreviations With Meaning time to time so that you can't miss anything trending coming up. You can also bookmark this list of text shortcuts and use them while using any text application. Hope you have a great day ahead and happy chatting. :)

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