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Happy Diwali 2019 Quotes, Wishes, Images, Captions, Greetings, HD Pictures, Messages, SMS, Status

Happy Diwali Quotes 2019: Diwali or Deepavali is one of the biggest and most auspicious festivals for Hindus. People light up their houses and surroundings with diyas, lights, and candles. While doing this, they pray that the darkness of their life is also eliminated and life gets filled with vibrant colors. On this Diwali, let's defeat the darkness and bring lots of brightness to our life.

On this Diwali 2019, make sure you find enough time to meet all your family & friends. Because this is the only day of the year when you will meet with your loved ones. Just forget all work & stress and enjoy this Deepavali 2019 with lots of happiness & love. Don't forget to wish Happy Diwali to everyone without bothering anything. Feel free & send an awesome Happy Diwali Quotes Image from this article to all your mobile contact and get back a lot more.

Happy Diwali Messages for friends and family

This article is all about Happy Diwali 2019 Wishes, Quotes & Images for Friends, Family, and Relatives. HD Wallpaper, Best Messages & Tremendous Collection of Quotes. Diwali is completely useless if you don't wish your loved ones Happy Diwali. So, enjoy this huge article with a lot of unique and latest Happy Diwali Wish Messages, Quotes, and SMS 2019 collections.

happy deepavali quotes wishes images
Happy Deepavali Quotes Wishes Images

How do people celebrate Diwali in India?

People wear vibrant and new clothes, meet and greet each other and perform puja of the deities. On the Happy Diwali night, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped. In Bengal, people also worship Goddess Kali. Yes, in the eastern part of India West Bengal, Tripura, Assam people celebrate Kali puja. Tripureshwari Kali Puja during Diwali in a very famous festival of Tripura.

quotes on happy Diwali
quotes on happy Diwali

In Northern India, the actual celebration starting from Dhanteras (AKA Dhanvantari Triodos). Followed by Narak Chaturdasi also known as Choti Diwali is celebrated. The next day is celebrated as Happy Diwali or Happy Deepavali followed by Bhai Dooj.

Wishing a happy Happy Diwali Quotes

They pray for health, wealth and prosperity. The crackers are burned thereby illuminating the surroundings and also the sky. Like all other festivals, this festival also has mythological significance. It signifies the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and his return to the holy city of Ayodhya after 14 years of exile.

Diwali wish quotation
Diwali wish quotation

Light a lamp of love!
Blast a chain of sorrow!
Shoot a rocket of prosperity!
Fire a flowerpot of happiness!
Wish you and your family sparking Diwali!

The gorgeous festival of snacks and sweets
Everyone enjoying a royal feast
When old and young with delight meet
And with love and affection do all hearts beat.
image of happy Diwali wishes

May this Diwali not only your house light up but also your spirit, dreams, and hope. May Lord bless you with health and happiness and all your ventures fulfilled. Wishing you and family a very Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali Quotes and sayings 2019

Whether to send Happy Diwali Quotes in English or Hindi Or Tamil or Telugu or Bengali Or Punjabi etc. Well, the feeling of expressing your thoughts in your local language is the best way to share the exact emotions. Then why to bother about language? Feel to wish Happy Diwali to yoru loved ones on this Deepavali 2019 with these amazing quotes.
Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat
Wish you a joyful and prosperous Diwali.
“May the Festival of Lights, Full Your Life with the Glow of Happiness and the Sparkle of Joy.” 
wishes of Diwali in English

Short Happy Diwali Quotes & Wishes

Want to send a short Happy Diwali SMS or Whatsapp Message to your friend? Then I am sure you will find this quick and small collection of sweet happy Diwali messages 2019.
  1. No Crackers, Let’S Celebrate A Pollution-Free Diwali.
  2. Wishing you a sparkling festival of lights and a joyous New Year.
  3. Let’s Not Forget Our Nature This Diwali, Celebrate An Eco-Friendly Diwali.
  4. Green Is The New Black. Have A Eco-Friendly Diwali.
  5. Celebrate An Environmentally Safe Diwali.
  6. Give Out Children A Green Future. Say No To Fireworks.
  7. Burst Crackers If You Want To Spoil The Nature.
  8. You light up my life with special moments. Happy Diwali.

Happy Deepavali Pictures, Greetings Card, Images

How many contacts you have save on your mobile number? When did you communicate with that person last time? Well, on this Diwali 2019, make sure to wish your friends or relatives with a very Happy Diwali greetings card from the below pictures. We have created some of the awesome looking, high-quality HD quality Happy Diwali images 2019 on our website. Make sure to share them or download on your mobile and send them to your friend.

happy diwali wishes pictures
happy Diwali wishes pictures
Diwali is also a reminder that we must each do our part of achieving the victory, by dedicating ourselves to service to others.

Happy Diwali Images With Family,
Lighting the lamp—the diya—is a chance to remember, even in the midst of darkness, that light will ultimately prevail.
Short Quotes on happy Diwali
Wish you all a very very happy colorful Deepavali, may all your dreams come true.
happy diwali pictures

Happy Diwali Wishes and pictures 2019 

Without wishing to your love, how exactly you will celebrate Diwali? Well, you don't have to worry about that as on this Diwali we have created a lot of high-quality Deepavali images HD only for you. Start the Diwali morning by sharing one of the best Diwali images to all your contacts in WhatsApp. You can also share a picture on your Facebook Wall or Facebook Story and wish everyone Happy Diwali.
With gleam of diyas and the echo of the chants, May happiness and contentment fill your life, best wishes for you and your family.
happy deepavali pictures
May Goddess Lakshmi enter your house this Diwali evening and fill it with wealth, good luck and prosperity.
happy deepavali wishes images

Happy Diwali Messages in English for greeting 

Which message should I send to my boyfriend/girlfriend on this upcoming Diwali 2019? Whether should I send them in English or Hindi? Well, this is a very typical scenario, but if you want to wish your love with a Diwali Love Quotes, then it is good to send a Deepavali message in English. As there are many romantic messages & status available to express your feeling & happiness.
Diwali is the best time to create special memories with your family and loved ones. May you create the best of the best memories this Diwali.
happy diwali greetings card
As you perform the Puja rituals of Diwali, I silently pray to Lord Ganesha to shower happiness and prosperity upon you.

Happy Diwali 2019 Messages and Quotes

Where to find a huge list of Happy Diwali awesome quotes? Well, here we have collected & created a lot of Diwali quotes with images. Yes, just scroll this entire article and enjoy reading awesome quotes and download HD quality Diwali pictures for your loved ones.

happy deepavali greetings card
Happy Deepavali greetings card
Our friendship is like, the light of these everlasting lamps always glowing with happy moments.

Happy Diwali Quotes & Wishes For Your Friends, Family

Diwali is the major & the most popular festival in India. Although this is the biggest festival of Hindu, nowadays Deepavali is celebrated throughout every part of India irrespective of religions. That's why it is called the festival of lights which brings happiness to everyone one's life by defeating the evil darkness.

quotation for Diwali in English
quotation for Diwali in English

On this Diwali 2019, don't forget to wish your friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, family, colleagues with some awesome Happy Deepavali Quotes or messages or greetings and share the joy of love. When you think of various wishes and greeting you can get it here easily.

Happy Diwali Quotes, Status in English for Instagram

Do you have an account on Instagram? Then which Diwali caption you are trying on this Diwali 2019? You can also share a lovely Deepavali wish greetings card on your Instagram story to wish all your followers the best Diwali celebration.
happy Diwali wishes image
happy Diwali wishes image

Happy Diwali Quotes & wishes 2019 for Facebook

Happiness is in air,
It's Diwali everywhere.
Let's show some love and care, and wish everyone out there.
Happy Diwali!

On this auspicious and sparkling festival of lights, may the glow of lamp illuminate your life and brings you joy, Prosperity, and happiness.
quotes on Diwali wishes
quotes on Diwali wishes

Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Good Wishes for a joyous Diwali and a Happy New Year with plenty of Peace and Prosperity.

Happy Diwali Quotes WhatsApp status download

May this Diwali be full of wonderful moments and surprises, may your house be full of diyas and lights and your heart be full of joy. Have a wonderful Diwali!

“May the brightness of shimmering lanterns always stay in your life & make you bright;”
Happy Diwali quotes Hindi
Happy Diwali quotes Hindi

Diwali status 2019 in English

Paying respects to the gods,and decorating for them the Thali,this is what the occasion is all about,this is the spirit of Deepavali.

“This Diwali will bring you a lot of crackers with jaws; firework with happiness & wealth.”― Wish you a very Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Messages for friends in Hindi 2019

Happy Diwali wishes Hindi
Happy Diwali wishes Hindi
These quotations are also useful for any search you make like below.
  • Happy Diwali wishes for girlfriend
  • Happy Diwali wishes quotes
  • Diwali wishes for wife
  • Diwali wishes to girlfriend
  • Diwali wishes for a boss
  • Significance of Diwali

When is Diwali in 2019, 2020 and 2021?

The date varies each year. It is celebrated for 5 days and each day marks a different festivity. People meet and greet their friends and family. Those who cannot meet with each other due to time and distance greet each other by sending various different messages or greeting cards. The festival of Diwali signifies give and forgive.

  • In 2019, Diwali is on October 27. It is observed a day earlier in south India, on October 26. 
  • In 2020, Diwali is on November 14. 
  • In 2021, Diwali is on November 4.

People exchange gifts amongst each other and try to forgive the wrongdoings of other people during the festival. Everywhere there is a feeling of freedom and friendliness.

You can search using below keywords and get amazing unique wishes online-

happy Diwali quotations Hindi
Happy Diwali quotations Hindi

Happy Diwali 2019 Wishes captions

Since this is a special occasion when all the family and friends get together, for fun. Wishing a lot of amusement to cheer your days during this festive season.

“Wish you all a Very Very Happy Diwali and Hope that Every Person Transform from the Darkness to the Happiness.”
Diwali thoughts in English
Diwali thoughts in English

“Open your main entrance door & welcome Goddess Lakshmi whole-heartedly. Hope she will fulfill all your dreams.” ― Wish you a very Happy & Wealthy Diwali

“I am wishing that the bright lights of Diwali guide you through your way out of every streak of trials in this life.” ― Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Wishes and blessings

“Lamplight every moment brought new light into your life, just wish for you this Diwali.” ― Happy Deepawali

Just like the colors of Rangoli, hope this Diwali brings fresh smiles, undiscovered avenues, different perspective and unbound happiness. Have a wonderful Diwali and a great New Year!
Happy Diwali 2019 wishes
Happy Diwali 2019 wishes

Happy Diwali Quotes and images 2019

Diwali is a time for celebration, but it is also a time for reflection – a time when we must remember that there are always other less fortunate than ourselves.

Sun glows for a day;Candle for an hour;Matchstick for a minute;But a wish burns forever.Here is my wish for a….Glowing Diwali and bright life.
Happy Diwali wishes quotes

Mythological Stories behind the festival (Happy Diwali 2019)

Diwali is celebrated because of the victory of good over evil. There are various stories for which people celebrate Diwali. Some of them are as follows

Some people believe that it is the celebration of the marriage of Goddess Lakshmi to God Vishnu.

Some people celebrate it as the birthday of Goddess Lakshmi as she has been said to born on the new moon day of the Hindu month of Kartik.

Happy Diwali Quotes about light 2019

wishes for Diwali quotes

In West Bengal, the festival is celebrated for Goddess Kali, the Goddess of strength.

In many Hindu houses, Lord Ganesha is also worshipped as he is the symbol of auspiciousness and wisdom.

In Jainism, this day marks the day when Lord Mahavir has attained Nirvana; the eternal bliss. They celebrate Diwali in the morning by offering sweets to the Lord.

It also signifies the returning of Lord Rama with his brother and wife, to his capital city Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. The joyous people illuminated the whole city with diyas and burned firecrackers on the return of their king.

Happy Diwali Messages in English

happy Diwali message for girlfriend

It is also believed that Pandavas return to their capital, Hastinapur. They came back after 12 years of exile so people celebrated the day.

It is also celebrated as a Harvest Festival. It is almost the time when farmers reap the harvest and offer Goddess Lakshmi her portions from the fresh harvest.

In Buddhism, this day is marked as the conversion of Emperor Ashoka to Buddhism. This is also celebrated as Ashoka Vijyadashmi among the Buddhists. They celebrate it by praying and decorating the monasteries.

Happy Diwali Wishes best images

happy Diwali greetings card HD

What are the 5 days of Diwali 2019?

Diwali is a five days festival. Each day has a different significance and its own story to tell.

The 1st day is Dhanteras. Dhan means money and teras is thirteen which means this day of money and prosperity is celebrated two days before the festival of light. People believe that buying silver is auspicious on this very day. People prefer gambling on this day. Some do just for fun but some are very serious and think it as an auspicious ritual.

The 2nd day is Narak Chaturdashi. It marks the end of the demon named Naraka by the Lord named Krishna along with his wife Satyabhama. People light diyas and worship God.

The 3rd day is Diwali which is on Amavasya. People light up their homes and offices with various kinds of lamps and lights and decorate them beautifully. It is said that the God of wealth; Goddess Lakshmi is in one of her best moods on this day and she fulfills the needs of all her devotees. People worship her idol in their homes and offices and burn firecrackers.

The 4th day is Kartik Shudd Padyami. People meet and greet each other on this day. The blessings are taken by elders and are given to Youngers. People also exchange sweets and various Diwali messages to each other.

The 5th day is Yama Dwitiya also commonly known as Bhai Dooj. On this day brothers are invited by their sisters to their homes. They treat them with special affection and care. Both of them exchange gifts and also promises of taking care of each other.

Happy Diwali Wishes & Greetings

Diwali is like a five days of non-stop festivities because it’s a celebration of good over evil. It is a reason of a family get together and having gala time with our near and dear ones. Everyone wears new and traditional bright color outfits to celebrate the festival.

People generally have left from their workplaces so they wish their bosses and colleagues earlier or via messages or greeting cards on the same day. People start wishing each other a few days before the actual festival.

Businessmen also send greeting and sweets to their business circle a few days prior to the festival. Each person wants to remove negativity from their hearts and to create an aura of positivity so that they can enjoy each day of the festival to its fullest.

Get more attractive and creative wishes and messages online for

Diwali greeting messages English

“This Diwali I wish all your dreams come true and may god filled your life with happiness. and make your Diwali is the most memorable Deepavali Happy Deepawali”

Deepawali wishes message

“May the Divine Light of Diwali spread into your life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness, and Good Health.” ― Happy Deepawali
mere tumhare sabke liye happy Diwali
Add caption
Diwali is a magical time to celebrate with loved ones. May you get to create special memories with the ones you love, this Diwali best wishes”
happy Diwali advance images
happy Diwali advance images
“Wishing that this Diwali brings prosperity to your business and more opportunities for us to work together!”

best wishes happy Diwali
best wishes happy Diwali
Maa Laxmi will come to your house and will shower her blessings upon you. Remember to keep your doors open and decorate them with lots of lights and flowers.

happy Deepavali image
happy Deepavali image
Om Bhoor Bhuwah Swaha
Tat Savitur Varenyam
Bhargo Devasaya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Naha Prachodayat
Wish you a joyful and prosperous Diwali.
happy Diwali wishing sms
happy Diwali wishing sms
“Shine like sparkles, glow like candles and burn all the negativity like crackles. Wish you all a very lovely & cheerful Diwali”
Diwali happiness quotes
Diwali happiness quotes

“Life with you is like Diwali, therefore lets promise to be together like that forever.” Wish you a really ‘Advance Happy Diwali’

happy Diwali wishes SMS messages
happy Diwali wishes SMS messages
“God bless you & your families for all your hard work & sacrifice for the country and people !!” Happy Diwali 

Diwali quotes greetings

“Sky full of fireworks, mouth full of sweets. House full of diyas & heart full of joy.”― We Wish You A Happy Diwali
Slogans for Diwali
Slogans for Diwali
“Happiness is in the air. There is something special about today’s night. Come let’s celebrate together.”― Wish you a very Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali Greetings Card
Happy Diwali Greetings Card
The significance of Deepavali is the removal of darkness and ignorance from the mind and filing it with goodness
Best happy Diwali wish
Best Happy Diwali wish
I Pray to God to
Give U Shanti, Shakti, Sampati,
Swarup, Saiyam, Saadgi, Safalta,
Samridhi, Sanskar, Swaasth,
Sanmaan, Saraswati, aur SNEH.

Happy Diwali Wishes in Hindi, Punjabi etc (All Language)

Diwali is not only a celebration that is limited among religions or regions. Yes, on that day of Deepavali, entire India celebrates Diwali forgetting all the differences & divisions. Not only that, people from different countries like USA, Singapore, Australia, Canada wherever Indians stay, they do celebrate Diwali with their friends & family.

So, if you want to wish your friends & family by sharing a Happy Diwali Wish in your own language, then here are a few of them we have listed.

  • In Hindi – Diwali ki Shubhkamnayein “दिवाली की शुभकामनाएं”
  • In Punjabi – Tuhanu Diwali Diyan Bohut Bohut Vadhaiyan Hon “ਟੂਹਾਨੂ ਦੀਵਾਲੀ ਦਿਿਆਨ ਬਹੁਵਤ ਵਢੇੇਨ ਮਾਨਯੋਗ”
  • In Malayalam – Deepavali Aashamsagal “ദീപാവലി ആശംസകള്‍”
  • In Telugu – Deepavali Subhakankshalu “దీపావళి శుభాకాంక్షలు
  • In Tamil – Deepavali Nalvaazhtukkal “தபாவளி நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்”
  • In Kannada – Deepavali Habbada Shubhashayagalu “ದೀಪಾವಳಿ ಹಬ್ಬದ ಶುಭಾಷಯಗಳು”
  • In Marathi – Diwalichya Hardik Shubhechha “दिवाळच्य हरिक शुभखे”
  • In Oriya – Deepavalira Anek Shubhechha “ଦୀପାବଳିର ଅନେକ ଶୁଭେଛା”[/pullquote]
  • In Bengali – Subho Diwalir Preeti O Subeccha “শুভ দীপাবলীর প্রীতি ও শুভেচ্ছা”[/pullquote]
  • In Gujarati – Diwali ni Hardik Shubechao Ne Nutan Varshabhinandan “तुन्का सग्गाठंकयी दीपावली ची हार्दिक शुभेच्छा “

Summary (Happy Diwali Wishes Quotes)

Diwali is the festival that is celebrated by millions of people across the globe. It coincides with Hindu New Year and is celebrated with the motto of light over darkness. The date of the festival is decided as per the Hindu Lunar calendar each year.

Everyone cleans their homes and workplaces to get rid of all the negative energy. Diyas are illuminated to fill the environment with positivity. Firecrackers are burst to make the environment more vibrant, lively and fun-filled. Various types of food and desserts are made and served to guests who come to our place for the meeting and greeting of the festival. So here wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

Things You Must Know About Diwali (FAQs)

This is not the end. To help you to understand more about Diwali, here we are sharing some amazing questions with their answers, that will definitely help you to explore more facts about Diwali celebrations in India. If you have more questions, feel free to ask in the comment box. We are trying our level best to share the best information about Happy Diwali 2019 Celebration in one place.

What is the meaning of Happy Diwali?

This is the festival to celebrate Hindu New year. In fact, Diwali is the only festival in India, which is celebrated across all religions by spreading lots of love & happiness. In simple words, Diwali is a festival of lights when everyone enlights their home with Diya & colorful lights. They greet all people with lots of sweet & welcome wishes.

How do you wish Happy Diwali?

There are various ways one can wish Happy Diwali to their friends & family. And it is totally depending upon their feeling & wish. But generally, people love to share Diwali Quotes, Diwali Greetings card, Happy Diwali Wish Pictures etc. On the age of social media, pictures are playing a big role. So make sure you share some quality pictures on different social platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest everywhere and spread happiness.

What do you say during Diwali?

During Diwali or Deepavali, generally, people wish each other when they meet. The very common term used in every part of India is "Happy Diwali" or "Happy Deepavali" or "Shub Deepavali" etc.

How many days left Diwali 2019?

Well, when I am writing this anwers Diwali is just 1 week away. This year Diwali will start on 26th October (Saturday) and will end by 27th October (Sunday). Although the dates may vary as per region, it is approximate dates. That means, it's a complete weekend activity and this is going to be huge celebration this year. As people may not have to look for extended leaves and enjoy the complete weekend.

Why does Diwali last for 5 days?

What food is eaten on Diwali?

What do we call Diwali in English?

Can you drink on Diwali?

What greetings are used during a festival?

How do you say Happy Diwali in India?

Is Diwali Hindu New Year?

Why do people celebrate Diwali for kids?

Can I eat meat on Diwali?

Do you fast for Diwali?

Why do we eat sweets on Diwali?

Why is Rangoli made?

What is the meaning of Dhanteras?

What do you do on Dhanteras?

What is Padwa Diwali?

Which direction is good for Laxmi Puja?

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